Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can We Keep Her?

I'm gonna saint up my beloved friend Veronica a little bit more here. She came on Tuesday to visit until Saturday, and we're having a grand time. We haven't seen her in more than a year, but she used to live up here, before moving far, far away THE MONTH AFTER Julia was born, can you believe the nerve? How was I supposed to survive my first year as a mom without V. to come by with Godiva chocolates and fancy soaps to coo over the baby and pamper me? Well, I survived, but it was a lot more grim than it would have been had V. still been around.

Anyway, let me tell you, even without the avalanche of decadent dessert treats we're enjoying around here, life is pretty sweet with a houseguest like V. So far she has emptied my dishwasher (more than once); hand-washed the other stuff; helped me change the wet sheets on Julia's bed; taken out the trash; pitted about ten million pounds of fresh Bing cherries so they'll be ready for Julia to snack on; read all 12 Sesame Street board books to Julia multiple times in a row without complaint; listened to Julia say, "Auntie V draw something for Julia!" for an hour straight while they colored, each time happily complying with this bossy "request"; carried everything possible for me at all times anytime we went anywhere; treated me to dinner, dessert, dinner, dessert, dinner, and dessert; and best of all, made every little mundane thing we do seem fun and hilarious. Plus she loves my daughter to pieces, and the feeling is highly mutual. I think Julia thinks Auntie V is some kind of exotic queen who visits, brings gifts, plays with babies a lot, and helps Mama cook and clean all day long. Seriously--doesn't that sound like a dream come true?

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