Monday, July 24, 2006

Can't Put Anything Past Her

The other day I was reading Julia one of her Sesame Street library books, and because I sort of thought it was a little advanced for her--lots of text, big words, not a toddler board book--I automatically simplified one of the lines as I read it out loud: "Zoe climbed into her carseat." Imagine my surprise when Julia looked up at me sharply and shouted, "No, Mama, 'CLAMBERED'!" What could I say? "Oh, yes, honey, you're right: 'Zoe clambered into her carseat.'"

Good grief. She's barely two! She's already got whole books memorized--library books, too, not books she's been hearing since she was six months old--AND she's correcting me when I change the lines? Isn't that supposed to happen, like, later??

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Christopher Tassava said...

It is phenomenal how rapidly she can memorize a whole book. I tested her the other day with a new library book, one we just checked out. It only took two passes through it before she could accurately fill in words and lines that I left out. I wish I had that kind of memory.