Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Julia's Blue Period?

One of Julia's favorite activities is coloring--or, more accurately, instructing whatever adult is with her to "draw something for Julia!" and then coloring it in (i.e., scribbling over it) with her crayons. Yesterday I overheard Julia tell her daddy to draw the following things (and I quote):

Julia's toe
a sad Julia
a swimming guy
a naked guy
a sad alligator
a beaver
a swimming beaver
a tiny baby
a sad tiny baby

Don't ask me what this obsession with sad things/people/animals means. She LOVES drawing "tears" (long blue lines coming from the general vicinity of said object's eyes), but where this all came from, I have no idea. We routinely draw sad flowers, sad trees, sad faces, sad girls, etc. etc. etc. Yikes! It sounds a little grim, doesn't it?! I promise, we really are a fairly happy bunch over here.


Christopher Tassava said...
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Christopher Tassava said...

I enjoy the artistic challenge of meeting my mercurial patron's demands, but my favorite part is how, as soon as you're semi-finished with a particular drawing, and she starts scrawling all over it, she asks, "Where is [X] goink?" Well, he/she/it is going away beneath a thick layer of blue crayon, of course. Just like the last dozen sad trees.