Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just Trying to Make Sense of it All

I'm piling on the posts here lately, but in about an hour one of my favorite friends in the whole world arrives for a visit for the rest of the week, so blogging will be unlikely for a few days. So I thought I'd get it all in early. Plus there's no end of material around this joint:

Remember the whole "this word sounds like that other word" preoccupation of Julia's I mentioned the other day? It continues. Lately, she has informed her daddy that "polo" (as in her polo shirt) sounds like "polar bear" and that "gazebo" sounds like "Bobo" (one of her daddy's many nicknames for her). Today at lunch this turned into a rather existential conversation about names--specifically, about mamas and their names.

Julia is obsessed with--though paralyzingly shy around--the 3-year-old Japanese girl who lives in the townhouse next door. At lunch she looked out the window, didn't see anyone, and asked me, "Where is Meg?" I told her Meg was probably inside having lunch with her mama and daddy. Julia said, "Meg's mama named...?" and I reminded her, "Yuki." "Sounds yike Yucas! (Lucas)" Julia exclaimed with glee. (Lucas is a toddler buddy of hers.) I said, "Yes, Meg's mama's name, Yuki, sounds like 'Lucas'. Isn't that interesting?"

Julia suddenly looked thoughtful and turned to stare at me. She said, "What's dat mama's name?" Not understanding her, I asked, "You mean, what's Meg's mama's name?" But that wasn't it. Julia pointed at me and said, "What's YOUR mama's name?" It was clear she was asking what MY name is. I laughed and told her, "My name is Shannon, but you call me Mama, because I'm your mama!" But then, you see, things got even more confusing in her little head, because Christopher has a friend named Shannon, who raced in the 4th of July bike races in downtown Northfield, which Christopher took Julia to watch. So in response to my answer, Julia said emphatically, "No, BIKER!"

You could tell she just couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that, not only does Mama have another name, but it is the SAME NAME as a bicyclist friend of Daddy's! You could practically see her shaking her head in confusion.

Back to that polo shirt I mentioned above....Yesterday she was wearing it--an adorable puff-sleeved lime-green little pique polo with a blue flower embroidered on the breast--with a khaki skort. We were outside blowing bubbles and making chalk drawings when Julia suddenly patted her clothes and said proudly, "Julia wearing work clothes!" This struck me as hilarious, but upon thinking about the fact that Christopher wears khakis and a polo to work most every day, I thought, huh, makes sense. I said to her, "You are?! Where do you work?" Julia said matter-of-factly, "New York." (Christopher went on a work trip to NYC a few weeks back.) I laughed and told her that was an awfully long commute, I'd miss her a lot.

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