Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Little Baby, Big Baby

There's been altogether too much complaining on this blog lately, so I thought I'd better remember to write about a tender moment, to make sure everyone understands that I AM actually happy, and excited, to be pregnant and to be preparing to welcome the new member of our family into our midst in just a few weeks. Yesterday at playgroup I held the little seven-week-old baby sister of Julia's toddler buddy Lucy. I used to think that whole newborn-baby's-head-smell fixation people have was overrated. Not anymore. Oh my goodness, was this a sweet, addictive baby. She was like a warm, cuddly, light-as-a-feather and yet satisfyingly solid bundle of lip-smackingness. She curled right on my shoulder like a nine-pound kidney bean. I told her mama I wanted to keep her. She reminded me I get one of my own soon. You don't think you'll forget, but truly, you do, how it feels to hold a newborn. When your newborn is a 34-lb. two-year-old your arm muscles have no memory at all of that early weight.

On another note, Julia has somehow picked up the phrase, "That's a good plan!" (or, in her case, something like, "DAT'S a good PAN!"), and recently cracked us up by debuting it out of the blue. Today at Target I was taking a very long time, and she was being so good and patient and helpful. I finally let her get down out of the cart in the lingerie aisle and she started taking packages of undies off the racks and running around purposefully, saying, "Um, get....candy and milk and jammies and, um.....puppy, and soap, and....underwear! Yeah! Dat's a good pan!", clearly on her own little shopping mission. I had been getting things I need for the hospital, so she kept saying, "For HOPS-SITAL!" Now that's a cheerful hospital packing list, isn't it? Candy and a puppy?

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