Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Make Way for Pregnancy

I've said it once, I'll say it again: How is it possible for one's belly to be SO much larger in one's second pregnancy than in one's first? I've gained the exact same amount of weight so far as I had at the same point in my pregnancy with Julia--which is to say, the low end of the medically recommended range--and yet my hard round belly is easily a month bigger than last time around. I know, I know; according to my OB, it's due to the uterus being pre-stretched out this time--it was just waiting to pop right out from the get-go, unlike the first time when it actually had some existing muscle tone to hold it undercover.

I don't really mind; I've always really loved how I look when pregnant. But I still marvel, every day, at how the maternity tank tops I wore to the very end two years ago now leave a nice swath of exposed belly in their wake (5 weeks to go!). From the front or back, you can't really tell how pregnant I am, but from the side, I look like I might topple over frontward at any moment. I can only imagine how I must have looked to the drivers downtown yesterday as I traversed the crosswalk from the library to the Bittersweet Cafe, carrying 34-lb. Julia on my left hip (she's a little unpredictable in the holding-hands-while-crossing-the-street department right now) and our library books and my shoulder bag in my other arm. No wonder everyone braked so obediently.


Heidi said...

OK, so give us a side-view photo to prove it!

Shan said...

I sent you one, silly! From the 4th of July!