Sunday, July 09, 2006

"Mop" Rhymes with "Stop": Coincidence?

So what does it say about our housekeeping habits that, when reading a new Sesame Street book about words that rhyme, upon encountering a picture of Bert mopping the floor, Julia pointed at the mop and said quizzically, "What's DAT?" After I told her, "It's a mop, honey. It's for cleaning the floor", she asked about five more times in a row, as if she'd never heard the word in her life. Which, maybe, she hasn't.

(Disclaimer: she does know the Swiffer quite well.)


squab said...

Yeah, you can't fool me. Your floors are cleaner on a bad day than mine are, like, EVER.

Shan said...

Hey! Don't blow my cover. I'm trying to lower expectations before the new baby comes. Because then, I can promise you, the floors will NOT be clean.