Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nine-Month Dry Spell

Thanks to a relaxing mercy-playdate yesterday morning at the home of a fellow pregnant mama and then doing absolutely nothing physical the rest of the day (unless you count lying on the floor with Julia playing a game we like to call "Resting with Mama"), I felt much better by last evening. In other words, those pesky Braxton-Hicks contractions calmed down enough for me to sleep 8 hours last night.

But people, I've got to say, this chronic dehydration is torture. I am so tired of being repulsed by the thought of drinking anything. I've probably said this about other pregnancy symptoms (exhaustion, for example?), but this, THIS has to be the worst pregnancy symptom I've had. For a short time there at the end of my 2nd trimester/beginning of the 3rd, it seemed to get better. But now, I routinely find myself having ingested only a glass or two of anything liquid by evening. I just can't bring myself to drink much of anything. Even the things that sound good for awhile tend to go bad for me pretty quickly; plus, it's not like I can drink 8 or 10 glasses of, say, lemonade or decaf iced lattes a day--I wouldn't have space or calories for actual food. You don't have to tell me that dehydration causes Braxton-Hicks contractions--not to mention just an overall tired, sick feeling. I'm well aware, and I STILL can't drink anything.

Makes me almost excited for that incredible unquenchable thirst you get from nursing, when you can't get enough giant glasses of ice water.

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