Saturday, July 08, 2006

Simple Math

Thirty-two weeks pregnant + continued aversion to liquids and resulting chronic dehydration + summer cold with terrible cough and sore throat for which I can't take any medicine that actually works + constant heartburn from the third trimester + sick toddler to take care of + insomnia from above-mentioned cough and heartburn + that awful can't-breathe feeling you get when the baby starts to press on your diaphragm = ONE CRANKY PREGNANT MAMA WITH A VERY NEGATIVE ATTITUDE AND A MESSY HOUSE AND A TO-DO LIST THAT NEVER GETS DONE.

Good thing my fabulous, wonderful, much-missed friend Veronica is coming on Tuesday all the way from San Antonio to visit for FOUR DAYS. It's impossible to feel bad around this woman. We are going to have fun, fun, fun---even if I can't breathe or sleep.


Heidi said...

For the heartburn..... ICE CREAM! Even just a couple bites often does the trick! All the other stuff?... well, I don't have any answers. Sorry.

Shan said...

Yikes, not for me. Believe me, I've been eating more than my share of ice cream during this pregnancy. It's not helping!

Donna said...

heidi is a better person than I am since she can eat "a couple bites" of ice cream. Not me, although I do admit the ice cream helps with the third trimester heartburn!