Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The other day Snarky Squab posted about her own personal "survival kit" for the first three months of parenting a newborn (also known as "the fourth trimester"). This got me thinking back two summers ago to the things I myself could not have lived without when Julia was 0-3 months old, some of which I listed in a comment to Squab's post. Don't get me wrong: Julia's newborn months were EXTREMELY HARROWING, and these things didn't necessarily make my life easy (is any new mom's life easy? I dare say no.). More like, if it weren't for these things, well....I shudder to think.

Here they are, in no particular order:

--My Boppy nursing pillow
--Our white noise machine
--My mom
--The doula/lactation specialist who through words alone restored my confidence that nursing would work out, despite 4 weeks of milk pore infections and 4 months of plugged ducts
--Catherine Newman's transcendant--and hilarious--"Bringing Up Ben and Birdy" column at, especially the columns from the time surrounding Birdy's birth and newborn-hood
--Lansinoh cream
--Visits from all the good friends who understood I couldn't go out anywhere, and who brought lunch and treats straight to my doorstep
--My fabulous nurse practitioner who gave me the gentlest postpartum check-up in the history of OB medicine and was moved to tears of sympathy when she learned the full details of my delivery and injuries. She also told me to have a beer every afternoon and to wean guilt-free if my infections wouldn't cease. I didn't, but it helped to hear her say it.
--A vibrating baby bouncey-seat
--An insane amount of chocolate
--An insane amount of daytime TV during all those nursing sessions (How I miss it!)
--The Medela Pump In-Style double electric breast pump
--Receiving blankets by the boatload (good for swaddlers, changing pad covers, burp cloths, stroller padding, etc. etc. etc.)
--Bergan's SuperValu grocery store in our old neighborhood: close enough to get to and back before needing to nurse again, small and friendly enough that they bagged AND carried out for me
--I wish I could list, like Squab did, a sense of humor, but I don't think I had one then. Instead, I'll finish with: an iron will


Donna said...

Here's mine (in no particular order):
- my husband
- my boss, who let me be part-time for a year!
- my in-laws
- our new fridge which we got after the old one died on us and I lost all that frozen breastmilk
- my grandma's freezer (at her house, 1 mile away) where I had stored some breastmilk so I still had reserves when our old fridge died
- our "Classic Queen" CD which was the only thing which would calm down our crying baby at 3am - the louder, the better. (Yes, Queen. As in, "We will rock you" Our poor neighbors.)
- lots of cool showers in the middle of the hot, humid summer days
- the Baby Bjorn
- the Medela Pump In Style breastpump
- the washing machine

Shan said...

Oh, I had an almost physical-pain reaction when I read "lost all that frozen breastmilk"! You poor thing! NIGHTMARE!

Christopher Tassava said...

*ahem* There's one thing missing from your list, Shannon. *harrumph*