Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sweetheart Moments

The other day I made tabbouli for supper. Julia had never had it before, so when I set it in front of her, she said, "What's dat?" "Tabbouli, honey," I told her. "Can you say tabbouli?" She demurred for a moment, then tried it: "toppa-boo-ee." She said her version of the word a few more times. Then she said, "Toppa-boo-ee! Sounds like 'topple'!" (Note: Her daddy plays a game with her that consists of throwing themselves onto a pile of couch cushions, which they have named Topple.)

Today at the library, in the children's playroom, Julia was playing with a fabulous animal-themed wooden abacus. She said, "What's Julia playing with?" and I said, "That's an abacus, honey." I repeated the word very slowly a few times. Then Julia said, "Ab-a-kiss. Sounds like 'kissing'!"

At the coffee shop this morning for breakfast, I asked Julia if I could have a kiss. She said yes, but "on Mama's arm." She leaned over and very sweetly pressed her lips to my forearm. The she said, "On Mama's tummy", and she bent down from her highchair to plant a careful, delicate kiss on my round pregnant belly. She also called herself a "wheat-heart", which, you know, she definitely is.

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