Thursday, August 24, 2006

Big Sister Update

Julia's doing incredibly well as a new big sister. True, she's been putting up a bit of a fight at bedtime, sometimes even screaming furiously at the top of her lungs when we leave her room, and she's trotted out a silly little "baby language" that consists of long monologues of indecipherable, but dramatically inflected, nonsense syllables, but all in all she's adjusting with very little trauma (or drama). The sweet way she approaches Genevieve seems almost too good to be true. (And it may change in several weeks when her daddy returns to work and she suddenly gets a lot less immediate individual attention during the day when I have to tend to Genevieve's needs first much of the time.) So far, she gives baby Genevieve gentle kisses--preferably on the cheek or the head--and "cuddles" multiple times a day, pronouncing, "She smiled!" after each one. She hands us newborn diapers and brings the burp cloth as needed. When Genevieve cries, Julia says, "She wants her milk! She wants to nurse!" and then watches carefully without a hint of jealousy or confusion about why SHE isn't the one in Mama's arms just then. Most of all, all day long she asks, "What baby Genevieve doing?", as if checking in on her sister's well-being. Usually the answer is just, "sleeping" or "nursing" or "making peepy noises at us from her bassinet," but Julia seems extremely interested all the same.

This afternoon as I was nursing Genevieve, Julia came over, peered closely at her with a big smile on her face, then gently touched various baby body parts and crooned in a high, squeaky voice, "TINY little ears! TINY little head! TINY little hands! TINY little elbow!"

SWEET little girl!

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