Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bye-Bye, Grocery Fairy

The days since Genevieve's birth have flown by. She is 12 days old now, and today, my mom (her Nonna), who has been staying with us since the day Genevieve was born, went home. We're on our own, people! We're sad, but unlike two years ago when my mom left us after Julia's birth, I didn't even cry, and it doesn't feel like we won't know how to get along by ourselves. This time, only Nonna cried (sorry, Mom!), and Julia talked the whole rest of the day about it: "Nonna sad! What Nonna cry about? Nonna cried yittle bit! Nonna sad! What Nonna sad about?" This time, our new baby is totally manageable (so far), and we're getting tons more sleep. (Not much, but a lot more than we were back then.) This time, our work is doubled since we have two little ones to care for, but the terrain of parenthood isn't brand-new and mystifying. The main challenge we have now is sheer stamina: how to keep up with a two-year-old while also juggling the immediacy of a newborn's needs (especially when I'm still recovering from my C-section)?

However, my mom left us enveloped in love and care. She arrived with a gigantic grocery-store box of food and recipes, cooked us every meal for a week and a half, plus yummy treats like muffins and dessert, and stocked our freezer with a bunch of dinner entrees for later. She even left our pantry stuffed with non-perishable groceries that appeared out of nowhere, as if from the Grocery Fairy. She did all our laundry and made lemonade, brownies, and lemon bars to fortify us for all the new-baby visitors. This time, she didn't have to walk the floors at 2 a.m. with a screaming newborn, but she did log many hours with baby Genna Rose asleep on her shoulder so I could bathe and eat and give Julia attention. She kept reminding me to drink more liquids, to keep up with all the milk I'm making. She read to and made Play-Doh creations with Julia, and supervised a brilliant marker drawing that read, "To Mama and Genevieve, Love, Julia", to decorate my hospital room.

Thanks from all of us, Nonna! Come back soon!


Jim said...

You two can do it! Full speed ahead! Soon you will be thinking about how easy it was! You calling the baby Gena causes me to recall Jenny and her husband (his name slips me today)who were blessed with twins a year older than I and then a year and a few months later another set of twins. And that was in the 1940's!

Shan said...

YIKES. That makes two babies sound like a piece of cake. Actually, we are doing very well. It seems way easier than it did when we had Julia, and then we only had one. Of course, she was striving for the award of Most Difficult Baby in History, but's nice to have things seem easier this time around. So far anyway! Talk to me again when C.'s paternity leave ends!!!