Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Can Feel My Biceps Shrinking Already; or, Pass the Chocolate-Chip Cookies

In case anyone was wondering, the day my doctor told me there is no need to stop exercising for fear of inducing labor, I promptly stopped exercising. One of those questions I probably shouldn't have bothered to ask since I'd already made up my mind about it anyway, you know? It feels a little strange, since as mentioned before, I worked out up until (and including) the very day I went into labor with Julia, but...well, all those old-fashioned stories about women going into labor after an afternoon of scrubbing floors can't have come out of thin air, can they have? I'm not exactly eager to go through the whole Am I in labor? Is this really it? Where's my bag? Who can watch Julia? Damnit, why, WHY did I insist on doing that last set of forward lunges with alternating bicep curls? thing if, instead, I can set my alarm clock for the morning of the 25th and calmly drive to the hospital where my very own OB will be waiting to do my nice, orderly, planned C-section.

So, you may be wondering, if I'm not working out anymore, how exactly am I spending my free time? Mainly, I am concentrating on remaining physically inert for as much of the day as I can, and also, on eating as much as possible. I think I'm doing a pretty heroic job so far.

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Christopher said...

As the sole observer of your inertness, I can say that you're doing well, but you could be doing better. See if the man of the house could do some of that laundry or sweeping, for instance.