Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Name Game

It's been a week since Genevieve was born! Wow. What really amazes me is the fact that originally, she wasn't even scheduled to be born for another 3 days! Just goes to show what folly it is to think we have any control over when babies decide to enter the world! They're on their own schedule, aren't they?

Anyway, over at Snarky Squab, much discussion has been occurring about baby nicknames. Already, a lot of people have asked us if we plan to call new baby Genevieve by her full name or use a shorter nickname. We love the full name--and as an added bonus, it's related a little bit to Genevieve's maternal great-grandma's name, Geneva. But there are a lot of nicknames for Genevieve, too--ones that would be a lot easier to learn to write come kindergarten time than the full-length version. Here are some nicknames we've encountered:

Vivi (pronounced Viv-ee, not Vee-vee)

We're not big fans of Genny--too common (i.e. Jenny), but Genevieve and Julia's Nonna has already been overheard calling her newest grandbaby "Genna Rose." I'm curious: which do you like? Did we miss any?

On another note, I suspect there must be some sort of patron saint of postpartum bodies that I should be getting down on my knees and thanking. That prominent post-childbirth belly I was complaining about? The one I swore was already gone by this time when I had Julia? I'm an impatient person at heart. Lo and behold, my friend Donna was right. I woke up this morning and the belly is pretty much gone. The body is an amazing thing! All that extra pregnancy heft and volume, no longer needed--now magically morphing into milk. It's like observing a mysterious machine at work 24 hours a day without being able to see its inner mechanisms. Nurse on, baby Genna Rose, nurse on!


Donna said...

I love Genna Rose! Grandparents have a nice way of finding sweet nicknames.

Breastfeeding is amazing! I couldn't believe how skinny I got when I was nursing my first. The weight is dropping off with the second, too.

Shan said...

Yeah, isn't it great? I guess I forgot it takes a few days. Plus, you were right--I had a lot of abdominal swelling and bloating from the surgery that is fading away now.

I like Genna Rose too--and yes, grandparents like to find those sweet little terms of endearment. Does your new one have any nicknames yet??

squab said...

I love Genna - sounds vaguely British. I also think Neve is a pretty nickname for Genevieve. (Pronounced nehv, not neev).

Christopher said...

Neve is great! Thanks for the suggestion, Squab! I think I'm going in that direction, given that nobody is backing my favorite horse, Gevie ("jeevey").

Heidi said...

Problem w/ "Neve" is that everyone *would* think it was "Neeve." You and Genevieve would have to be correcting people all the time. Of course, I suppose it could just be "Nev." But I, too, REALLY like "Genna." That's my final answer!

julbgs said...

hi! i know a gennevieve that is nicknamed "Gigi." i think that is sooo cute.

Shan said...

I forgot about "Gigi"--I've heard of that too. So many choices...they're all cute.

Anonymous said...

I think nicknames should be entirely random and up to the whimsy of the parents. How about GT for Genvieve Tassava? Or Donald? :-) --sheela
ps. yes my kid is going to need tx for her stange nicknames.