Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stormy Weather

Over here in our town, we've had an eventful morning. Big, scary storms blew through before lunch, and my mom and I stood huddling in our storage closet under the stairs with Genevieve sleeping in our arms while the tornado siren went off and an extremely ominous-looking wall cloud barrelled right over our townhouse pelting everything in sight with softball-sized hail. It sounded as if the windows and roof were breaking apart, but it was only the hail pounding the house. Let me tell you, it was more than a little bit terrifying, and it went on for quite awhile, blanketing the grass outside with white and leaving a river of water rushing through our backyard. Genevieve snoozed happily through the whole thing, phantom crooked smiles flashing across her dreaming face every few seconds.

Where were Christopher and Julia? Off in town, running errands and having adventures, begun before the storm threat materialized. By the time the sirens went off, they were packed into an interior hallway at the public library with the librarians and other library patrons, the kids all clutching one toy each from the children's corner, per the librarian's suggestion, to ward off worries and fears.

Everyone's fine, but our new car is completely cracked and dented. Christopher is currently trying to get through to our insurance company and the rental car agency, and is waiting the arrival of my aunt, who was in town from Wisconsin to visit my grandma and meet our new baby, and whose entire back window was shattered out of her car by the hail. He's helping her duct-tape plastic sheeting to the window frame so she can get home to get the car repaired.

Seeing how it may be awhile before we can get a rental car, given that everyone in town is probably waiting for one, it occurred to me that I am suddenly VERY GLAD that Genevieve was born last week instead of patiently waiting for our scheduled C-section tomorrow morning. We'd be wondering how we'd get to the hospital right about now!


squab said...

Oy. I'm so glad to hear you're all OK - I was thinking of you as I was watching the news yesterday. I'm sorry your car got dinged, but at least that's the only casualty! Hopefully you've put in your time with the bad weather this year and now it will be smooth sailing!

Shan said...

Yes, we're glad that we're all safe! That hail could easily have been deadly. You should see our car, though---the windshield totally cracked, the hood like someone took a baseball bat to it. And a 400-person waiting list for rental cars at all the agencies! Oy is right! :(