Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk!

Things Julia has said to me in the past week:

"'Nicholas' sounds like 'nickel.'"
"'Sign language sounds like 'sandwich.'" (She has a book called "Child's First Book of Sign Language.")
"'Cooperative' sounds like 'copper.'" (I had just called her cooperative, and Christopher recently taught her that pennies are copper-colored.)
"Mama, where's a yield sign?" (While riding in the car. She had just learned about stop signs from a Sesame Street book and apparently had remembered yield signs as well.)
"He's concentrating."
"Mama sing song to Julia--'Pinky Bears' first, then 'Nonna's Apple Song.'"
"Mama yittle bit frustrated."
"Julia had ice cream at Bittersweet. Ice cream all gone, Julia cried yittle bit."
"Mama see nurse Evelyn. Mama see Dr. Suppes. First nurse Evelyn, then Dr. Suppes!"
"Mama not wear swimming sandals---OTHER ones. OTHER sandals! Julia wear sandals too! Both us wear sandals!"
"Julia play in submarine! [climbing onto her toddler bed, which she pretends is a submarine.] Not submarine, bed. Actually, it's a bed. Actually, it is."

I'm tired just listening to her!

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