Monday, August 14, 2006

Thank Goodness for Small Blessings

Hallelujah. Someone up above must have known I needed some good news. Oh, don't get me wrong, nothing tragic is going on here, I'm just the usual: 9-1/2 months pregnant, shockingly tired, BORED TO DEATH OF EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY (no TV; have read every book in the tiny town library--or so it seems; all my best friends an hour away; no energy to play with my daughter, who, by the way, has in turn become whiny and cranky to a previously unheard of degree; bored bored bored of having no energy to play with my whiny cranky daughter, etc. etc. etc.).

But look what I found today! Catherine Newman started a blog to save all her fans from continued hopeless, sad-sack mourning!

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