Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where's the Dessert Cart?

It's official: Genevieve Rose is a TOTAL baby piglet. Please understand, in my book, when you're a baby, that is an entirely good thing, a major compliment, even. Babies SHOULD be total piglets.

Christopher took her for her weight check today at the pediatrician, and she weighed EIGHT POUNDS. Now, they do have the strange habit over there of weighing the baby in her diaper instead of stripping her naked, and upon her arrival home I discovered that her diaper was extremely full, so let's subtract a few ounces and say she is probably more like 7 lbs., 13 ounces. Still, that means she's gained an entire pound in 9 days. For context, keep in mind that I guessed she'd be about 7 lbs., 6 oz--a more typical rate of newborn weight gain. What an overachiever! It seems that all the food I'm consuming is bypassing my own body and going straight into hers.

Of course, when she got home from the doctor, Genevieve had to nurse, to re-fuel herself after such a trying endeavor and, naturally, to keep up appearances. She was in fine form, gulping and gasping her little head off as if auditioning for a very important role involving the ability to consume vast amounts of liquid lunch. Then she threw herself backward off the nipple and passed out cold. Well done, baby Genevieve!


H said...

They weigh babies diaper-fied at MeritCare clinics too. I asked once if we should change Gabe before weighing him and the nurse said it really didn't matter. When you think about it, if it's in his/her diaper during weight-check, it was in *baby* just a few moments before and would have figured into the total weight anyway! I'm sure they all vary a few ounces one way and the other all day long, at this tiny stage.

Shan said...

Yeah, that's true. I'm just used to our old pediatrician's office in the Cities where they always strip down the babies to all their naked glory.