Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Autumn is Very Appealing

Yesterday after Julia's nap the whole family went downtown to pick out pumpkins and gourds at the stand outside the cute little hardware store. It was the most gorgeous day imaginable--sunny, 65 degrees, with a breeze just crisp enough to remind you it's September. Thanks to our horrific July heat wave/drought, leaves have started to turn yellow and even fall off in some places already, so as we walked along the sidewalk, the stroller wheels crunched along in a very autumnal way. At the stand, Julia was so excited. They had these gigantic bins of the most amazing gourds I'd ever seen: all the usual lovely orange and green delights, but also strange twisted, bumpy ones that looked like they came from another planet. Julia loved them all and could barely contain herself as she lifted one after another out, exclaiming, "I yike DIS one! I yike DIS one, Mama!" We let her pick out some gourds and also a small pumpkin for decorating our house, and she was thrilled to hold her pumpkin on her lap on the way home in the car. Earlier in the day, I had dug out a few little Halloween decorations we own--a ghost candleholder, a little ceramic pumpkin man that Julia fell immediately in love with--and she was very excited to add the gourds to our decorative efforts.

At dinner, Christopher used the word, "appealing," which caught Julia's ear. "What Daddy say to Mama, a-pita?" she asked. Christopher explained the word "appealing," telling her it means "nice" or "fun to look at," and she tried it out a few times. Except she can't say her "l"s, so it's more like "a-pee-wing" when she says it. She giggled every time she said it because she truly delights in learning new, big words. Then she said, "Mama is appealing!" We laughed. I said, "I think you're appealing!" Julia added, "Daddy is appealing! Genevieve is appealing!" Then she spied our decorations on the living room end table and she gasped gleefully, "Pumpkin man is appealing!" By this time we were falling over laughing, but then she had to add the funniest pronouncement of all: "Even Boppa [her maternal grandpa] is appealing!" Oh my goodness. The "even" part is what killed me.

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