Saturday, September 16, 2006

Double Chins and Other Delights

So have I mentioned how fat Genevieve is getting? It's true. She's a total, complete fattykins. It's fabulous; it doesn't get any more adorable. But those cheeks! Those chins! Good Lord.

I've been pondering lately: were Genevieve's first three weeks too easy to be true? Well, yes and no. She inexplicably cried and screamed all evening yesterday, inconsolable for hours, as if in pain or at least very uncomfortable. And she has evenings when she fusses and cries most of the time and won't settle down for sleep. She's definitely harder at one month old than she was at one-two weeks! And as she gets older, the time that she is asleep or content between nursings has decreased, so I don't as often have clear two-hour chunks of time when I know I can be free to do other things before she needs attention (read: nursing) again. But then again, she's still far easier than Julia was, temperament-wise, and she's only had one night so far that's necessitated a midnight car ride. Julia had many of those. Also, I have a feeling that Genna Rose is simply a more average baby than she is either an "angel baby" (i.e. those mythic creatures who rarely cry, nurse infrequently, and entertain themselves by gazing at a lamp for hours on end) or a high-needs infant like her big sis. Having said all that, I'm still more than ready for a three+ hour stretch between nursings at night. YAWN.

Genevieve also didn't sleep at all yesterday during the day, other than a brief snooze in the stroller when we went to visit Christopher's work, so it was an exhausting, and rather trying, day. Before dinner Christopher took Julia out for a few errands. When they came back Julia ran into the house and presented me with a bag of candy. She then repeated, charmingly, the statement they had been rehearsing all the way home in the car: "We got this for you because we LOVE you, Mama!" OK, so her daddy made her say it, but isn't that a heart-melter? Turns out they had stopped at the grocery store to pick up her prescription at the pharmacy, and when they went inside, Christopher reminded her, "OK, honey, remember, we're only getting your medicine and some water." But Julia said, "Get something for Mama!" When he asked her what she had in mind, Julia replied, "Get some candy for Mama! Mama yikes CANDY!" Ahem. So I do.

But don't you think my little girl is about as full of sweet as anyone would ever need? What a total honey pie. Though I didn't quite realize my love for all things sugary was quite as...salient a fact in Julia's world as it apparently is. After all, I don't eat candy in front of her, nor does she get candy to eat herself. You know, you can't put anything past these toddlers. They can smell a clandestine treat a mile away. And look! We've already taught her to equate junky food with LOVE. Oops!

Gotta run. My chocolate is calling.


Christopher said...

Just to make sure the whole world knows how brilliant my kind-hearted daughter is, I only had to tell her to say that line twice: she repeated it once about halfway, the second time all the way through and correctly, and then we were rolling live, so to speak.

Donna said...

I did my best to keep my son from getting candy or anything I thought wasn't good for him. It did kind of backfire on us. He won't eat hot dogs and so whenever he has hot dogs at school, we need to send him with homelunch. The teachers think it's very odd that he won't eat a hot dog - and they say they've never had a kid who refuses hot dog day! Of course, he's now obsessed with fruit punch and always wonders why everyone's fruit punch machines are 'broken.' On the days when he's allowed to get it (watered down or with 100% juice added to it), he's SO thrilled!