Saturday, September 16, 2006

Feeling the Love

You know you are blessed with supremely thoughtful, caring, and generous friends when the latest loved one to come visit you and meet the new baby brings, along with a gift for the baby and a book for big sister, a grocery bag so full it is too heavy for you to lift with one hand, stuffed to the brim with enough ready-to-serve groceries from the new Minneapolis Trader Joe's store--cheese tortellini, dahl makni, green curry, spinach-filo pie--to easily provide you with pre-made dinners for a couple of weeks. And as you are gratefully unpacking the jasmine rice, frozen garlic naan, whole-wheat penne, and jars of gourmet pasta sauce, amazed and thankful beyond belief, she says, "At the store I inspected every package, and if the cooking directions called for adding, chopping up, or buying anything extra to go in it, I put it back on the shelf and bought something else instead."

Don't you just want to kiss her?

(P.S. She's not the only one. Big, belated shout-outs to our other friends who have so generously brought us dinner and snacks since Genevieve was born--thank you, guys, and we love you.)

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