Thursday, September 28, 2006

Flying Solo with Two

Well, I survived my first day alone as a stay-at-home mom to two babies! The morning started with the power going out just after Christopher left for work, knocking out the baby monitors, the dishwasher mid-cycle, and both babies' white noise machines. But, that passed and we moved on to the frantic get-everybody-up-changed-dressed-cleaned-fed-and-ready-to-go-to-playgroup drill. In the middle of this process, as I was kneeling on the floor in the dining room in my pj's changing Genevieve's diaper, catching liquid baby poop in my hand mid-change and dodging soggy Life cereal escaping from my toddler's errant spoon while Genevieve cried and Julia asked for more cereal for the tenth time in twenty seconds, mentally estimating how fast I could get dressed, pull my hair into a ponytail, and consume a giant mug of dark-roast coffee before leaving the house in time for our outing, the following thought crossed my mind:

What exactly did I think, back in 2004, was so hard about taking care of just ONE baby?

Of course, I joke. It's not a fair comparison. I know exactly what seemed so hard back then, and it actually WAS hard: newborn Julia as Challenging Infant Extraordinaire. Having said that, the sudden shift in our household from one toddler to one toddler plus one newborn--and the total chaos such a change entails until we find our new groove--definitely makes the idea of only one small body to care for seem, well, if not always easy, then at least much simpler.

You could say that I was a bit scattered today as I juggled all the goings-on and the incessant baby needs. For example--and I am loathe to admit this--when we got home from playgroup I discovered that Genevieve had ridden the entire way home WITH HER CARSEAT STRAPS UNBUCKLED. I shudder to even type the words. Can you believe it, people? And our playdate was a good twenty minutes away, too--we're not talking about a two-block jaunt or something like that. Good Lord, I just about fainted when I saw it. Here's what happened. At playgroup, Genna fell asleep in my arms and I set her in her carseat to nap, unbuckled of course, with a baby blanket completely over her torso and up to her chin. In the hubbub of leaving group, what with four toddlers and three newborns testing the patience of four moms, and hungry tummies beginning to growl, I picked up the carseat as-is, without a second thought, and clicked it into the car to drive home before my entourage's tenuous hold on good humor evaporated. Never even noticed, never even remembered, that Genna Rose was just loose in her seat, snoozing away under her snuggly blanket.

We survived, and everyone got down for nap by 1:30, at which point I raced to bake brownies for a last-minute, unexpected visit from a much-loved relative passing through town and only available to come see us later in the afternoon. This was when I realized how the last five pregnancy pounds will disappear: by 2 p.m., the only food I'd had time to consume all day was a blueberry muffin at playgroup. I guess it will take me more than one day to figure out how to not only feed my babies their breakfast and lunch but also eat those meals MYSELF. Oy.

Tomorrow's another day!


Christopher Tassava said...

Seatbelt glitch aside, I am glad the day went well! (But if that glitch makes you Britney, does it make me Kevin?)

Shan said...

Good Lord, it's true--I totally pulled a Britney!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the difference is, she does it on purpose!!