Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just a Typical Thursday

Um, yeah, so forget about those nice longer stretches between feedings that Genevieve treated me to the other night. Last night she was back to every two hours like clockwork, just to prove who's in charge around here. Thus, today I was oh so tired again and I set a new record for postpartum caffeine consumption. I've got a new theory that part of why I am so unbelievably tired is that I am recovering from major surgery. I've decided to use the C-section as an explanation and excuse for just about everything from here on out.

So what else is new around here? Well, the whole family ran a bunch of errands this morning, and both girls did great. First we went to CostCutters to get Julia's hair fixed. I had taken her to Great Clips two days ago to finally surrender to the Need For Bangs, but yesterday it became brutally apparent that the girl who cut Julia's hair was perhaps drunk when she did so. Meaning, Julia's hair was insanely crooked. No way was I going back there for the repair. At CostCutters, the woman who fixed Julia up had been cutting hair for twenty years, not, oh, two weeks like the first girl, and she did as good a job as one can do when one's customer is a wriggly two-year-old. So anyway: so much for growing out Julia's hair, but at the same time, she now no longer looks like an orphan. Yay!

Besides the hair salon, we also visited a coffee shop to finally return a little tiny toy that had somehow escaped from the children's play corner via Julia's pocket the last time we were there, the Friday before Genevieve was born. Sorry, James Gang Coffeehouse. Then we went to Walgreen's to buy hair-cutting shears for home-trimming of above-mentioned New Bangs, and to Christopher's office to introduce Genevieve (who slept in her carseat the whole time).

Not too exciting, I know. Does this help? There's a giant ferris wheel downtown right now, amidst a bunch of rides and booths and other assorted festive accoutrements that are in place for the big Defeat of Jesse James Days fair in our town this weekend. This is our first DJJD fair experience (and I don't know how much of it we'll get to, with a newborn and everything), but apparently it is a HUGE DEAL here. The highlight is an annual re-enactment of the big Jesse James Gang bank robbery that actually happened here year Jesse James rode around raising hell and killing people. Local townspeople dress up and put on a little show, complete with (fake) gunfire and (fake) bloodshed. Kind of crazy, right?

Oh, and here's an oddity. Tonight I was going through my closet, trying things on, and I discovered that a bunch of clothes I bought after Julia's birth to get through the transitional postpartum period are already too big for me, three weeks after Genevieve's birth. This is especially odd because I've lost the same amount of pregnancy weight as I had at three weeks postpartum with Julia. And yet I currently fit into clothes I didn't wear for a full year after Julia was born. How strange is that? Something about different body composition this time around; perhaps from that killer strength-training workout DVD I did until I was 9 months pregnant with Genevieve. I'm not complaining or anything, but I have to admit I kind of miss some of those clothes that I don't even get to wear this time. I'll probably never wear them again, unless for some reason I gain a bunch of weight at some point. Guess I'll give them away. It just seems so strange.

Anyway, sorry for the boring, rambling post. I'll try to come up with something more interesting soon. In the meantime, Genevieve is going through a ravenous grazing phase, nursing constantly but rarely being able to ingest more than the milk from just one side. I'm still making too much milk for her tiny tummy, so one side is more than enough. But then she decides she needs to top off the tank an hour later rather than two or three, so I end up nursing pretty much all the time. I'm not a big fan of the grazing diet. On the other hand, I'm a big fan of her sudden chubby cheeks and her double chin.

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Heidi said...

Actually, I think you've likely hit the nail on the head about being so extra-tired due to the surgery. Your body is using a lot of energy to heal. (Not that it didn't need to do that after Julia, but somehow I think there's a difference.) Anyway, I'd say you have a legitimate excuse.