Friday, September 15, 2006

Sorely Tested

Well, we got the results of Julia's kidney test today. Unfortunately, they show that she has Grade 2 reflux from her bladder back toward her kidneys. This is one level worse than she showed a year ago, though it is still relatively minor (Grade 1 is the most mild level of reflux possible). This means she has to remain on her daily medication for another year, and undergo the same test again next September. I'm so sad for her. I know it's not that serious, but I was so hoping we'd be done with this and she would never again have to be catheterized for that awful test. I hate to think of her going through it again at age three.

In other news, Julia and her daddy went to the first week of a special daddy-child ECFE class last night after supper. When they got home, I learned that Julia had cried really hard when it came time for the kids to play with the teacher and the dads to go to the room next door for the parent discussion part of class. (She had done fine separating from me during our regular morning ECFE class the day before.) I guess the teacher helped her feel better and get involved with playtime activities, but then when the dads came back in to pick up their kids she started sobbing again. She talked about it the whole time we were putting her to bed last night, poor girl. Apparently the class was quite large--10 children compared to the five in her morning class--and unlike her other class (which is all two-year-olds), this class is for kids up to age 5 and consisted of a lot of four-year-old boys who were pretty rough-and-tumble. Sigh. Poor Jujee. When I registered her for this special four-week daddy class, I didn't know it was a separating class. I thought it was just playtime for dads with their toddlers/preschoolers. I probably wouldn't have signed her up for two separating classes--since she's never separated from us before in prior ECFE classes--if I had understood that. She's going through enough transition as it is right now. So anyway, it was a sad night. But then again, it will be a good learning experience for Julia, and hopefully next week will go better.

As for Genevieve, she's testing us all: today she refused to sleep all afternoon, rebelling against her bassinet and requiring constant holding to stem the tide of baby-fussiness. As I write this, she is gritching and groaning in the background, demanding her umpteenth meal of the day. I'm worn out, people. I love my girls, but I'm TIRED. And this is with Christopher still on parental leave from work! (YIKES.)

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