Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sweets, Screams, and Sleep

Last night Genevieve screamed so loud she blew out Christopher's hearing aid batteries. This was at about 7 to 8 p.m., when she once again seemed to be in some sort of pain: how else to explain that absolutely piercing, panicked scream that I've honestly never heard from a baby before? (And recall that I heard a LOT of crying from Julia. Just never of this nature.) Poor honey! Of course, what I imagined her screams to say was this: "You! You with the blonde hair and the breasts! I thought you were going to give up chocolate! What's with the Hershey's Nuggets, lady? And why in the world would you think Archer Farms creme-fraiche & green onion potato crisps would taste good transformed into milk? Huh? HUH????"

OK. To give myself some credit, I did not consume any dairy yesterday before this scream attack, and almost none the day before. And while I do have a weakness for my chocolate treats, I'm trying not to eat as many as I usually would. (I'm trying to tell myself there could be something positive in this for me, in that perhaps doing so would reinvigorate my stalled pregnancy-weight loss. But unfortunately, so far I remain preoccupied with the innate unfairness of giving up treats at a time in life when nature has given me the metabolism of a bumblebee---something, I assure you, I do not normally have.)

Well anyway. We have no way of knowing what is causing these evening scream-fests. They go away in an hour or two and then she's fine.

BUT. This is wonderful news: all this week, Genevieve has slept well, going at least 4 hours between nursings at least once each night. Last night she nursed at 9:15, 2 a.m., 6 a.m., and 8:30. Fabulous, people! I hope it continues.

Speaking of sleep, this whole family is in for a rude awakening. Tomorrow Christopher returns to work. But for the past several days, for any number of reasons, everyone's been sleeping in until 8, 8:30, even 9! Genevieve tends to nurse at around 6 and then go back to sleep, so, since Christopher and Julia have been still sleeping at that time lately, I go back to bed too. Julia has been sleeping late due in part, we believe, to such artificial circumstances as the fact that Christopher has been getting her up to change her diaper at midnight each night lately after a series of leaking-diaper-triggered early-a.m. awakenings last week. The other major factor is that, because he's been home on leave, he hasn't been taking a shower every morning at 6 or 7. Although our bathroom is in our bedroom suite, at the other end of the upstairs hall from Julia's room and behind two closed doors, the sound of our shower has the ability to wake up Miss Princess of Light Sleeping, and often does.

So tomorrow, all bets are off. Everyone will probably be up, wailing or whining or wet, at some ungodly hour we are no longer used to. And I've got the task of getting the three of us girls out of the house for a 10 a.m. playgroup---for the first time without help doing so. On Monday of this week Christopher had to leave the house in the morning for an appointment, and as hard as I tried, I wasn't able to get myself dressed until 11. Hmmm. I wonder how this is going to go?


Donna said...

Been thinking about you guys knowing the 6 week mark was coming up and Christopher would be going back to work... My thoughts are with you!! Glad to hear Genna is sleeping more! Too bad about the crying fit; can't offer any advice, but please post anything that works for you so I can try it too!!

Shan said...

Thanks, Donna...I appreciate your thoughts and you know you'll hear more! :)