Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blessed and Lucky: Two Photos

Because sometimes, when everyone's overtired and crabby and sick from their vaccinations and/or their baby digestive maladies, and when the only tone of voice you've heard out of your toddler all day long is a whine so annoying that you are seriously tempted to run out the front door away from the house for awhile, and when your newborn has been alternately crying and almost-crying since nine a.m. and now it is three and you are sorely missing the caffeine you no longer consume due to the newborn's sensitive inner workings, you need something to remind you that you are blessed and lucky to have two happy (usually), healthy (fundamentally), lovely (always) girls.


Donna said...

Spoken like a tired but extremely loving parent. Glad to see the pics, too!

donna said...

By the way, that is one gloriously chubby baby! I love it!