Tuesday, October 03, 2006

But Who's Counting?

By my count, so far today I have changed seven poopy diapers. Plus, my two-year-old didn't take her nap (again). This while I'm giving up caffeine, people. Do I get some kind of medal for this?

By the way: when I asked Julia why she didn't go to sleep during her nap, this was her explanation: "Because I was busy waking UP, Mama!" Aha.


Donna said...

I think you deserve this award more than I deserved the overachiever award for going to work while in labor! HONEST! BTW, I'll remember to invest in Pampers the next time I'm playing the stock market - seems like between your little ones and my little one, we're keeping them in business!

Heidi (mom of a 21-mo-old) said...

We're helping too!!!!

Shan said...

I know--Lordy, the amount of money spent on diapers.....especially in a household with two babies in them!