Friday, October 06, 2006

Good Morning, Mary Sunshine

It's been a week since Christopher returned to work from paternity leave. For the most part, things here at home are going well. I've managed to take both babies to playgroup, open playtime at the library, and storytime, getting us off to an auspicious start. Good, right? I mean, it would have been easier to hide out at home in our pj's, but we actually engaged in activities. Activities that involved getting into carseats and driving away from our house to public places.

But people, the morning routine is killer. Anyone got any ideas about how I can ever bathe again? These babies--they both wake up at the same time (even though they're currently not even in the same room--the sharing of the nursery will come after night-weaning Genevieve, but for now she sleeps in our room). And you know, the morning needs are so pressing: the changing of the overnight diaper, the starved-baby nursing (yes, she thinks she's starved, even though she just nursed two hours prior), the inhaling of the breakfast. None of these things can wait. But YOU try nursing one baby and changing the other's diaper at the same time. Or washing one's face while simultaneously stripping the other's bed of oops!-leaking-diaper-soaked sheets. Invariably I end up in a sweat, trying to cram my nipple into Genevieve's enraged and screaming mouth while unsuccessfully spreading jam on Julia's toasted bagel with one hand. Or Genevieve ends up lying in the nursery crib wailing with fury while I haphazardly brush Julia's teeth and funnel a clean t-shirt over her wiggly toddler head. By the time everyone is washed, dressed, and fed, I typically realize that I'm not actually included in "everyone," and I'm generally in dire need of a strong (decaf! right?!) iced soy latte, MPR on the radio, and some quiet quality time with the laptop. If I've VERY lucky, I might get the first two, and probably not at the same time.

Surely I'll get better at this, right? Figure out a system and all that?


Heidi said...

I think one answer is to get used to showering at night when Christopher is home. But far be it from *me* to give advice! I've never been in your shoes. All of this that you describe is *precisely* why we waited 6 years between kiddos.

Shan said...

OK, it's true--I do shower at night. I was just hoping that at some point I'd actually have the option of bathing in the daytime, too. Right now it doesn't seem possible!!!

Jim said...

A sauna is the answer to the bathing problem. All three of you could enjoy a long relaxing time beating one another with switches of cedar branches and healthily sweating to your hearts content!