Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Heavenly Zantac?

Last night Genevieve downed her first higher dose of Zantac, for her infant acid reflux. She proceeded to nurse at 8 p.m., go to sleep (in her bassinet, no less) at 8:30, and.....stay asleep until 2:15 a.m.! That's six hours between feedings, people, and four uninterrupted hours of sleep for me. I could hardly believe it. OK, it may have been a one-time thing, and it may have had nothing to do with the Zantac or the amelioration of the reflux symptoms, but hallelujah. And if it is related to the Zantac, then maybe she's going to catch up to the longer sleep stretches all her newborn buddies are mastering these days. A mama can hope.


Anonymous said...

And other mamas can hope for you too. I hope it continues. Perhaps this is the beginning of sleeping through the night? One can certainly hope!!! Otherwise, just enjoy the nights that she does sleep and try not to wake up just to check on her!

Donna said...

Oops; that was me who wrote the above comment.

Shan said...

Hi Donna! Yeah--if you can believe it, I NEVER wake up to check on her when she's asleep, unlike when Julia was a newborn! I don't even check on her when she's asleep during the day! It never even occurs to me! I consider this a major developmental milestone in my life as a mother. ;)