Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Love Fat Babies

Ever since Genevieve's two-month well-baby check-up, eight days ago, when we found out that she weighs 12 lbs. and is, thus, a total luscious fattykins, I've been meaning to look up and re-read a favorite Bringing Up Ben and Birdy column, from the babycenter.com website. It's the one where Catherine Newman writes about Birdy's two-month visit and how she, too, has pigleted her way to the top of the infant growth charts, and how scrumptious those rolls of baby-chub are. She gets it totally, completely right, and I laughed all over again reading it--especially when she describes how avidly Ben nursed as a newborn (JUST like Julia, marathon-nurser that she was, lounging and sucking and napping and eating all at the same time, SO luxurious) and compares his baby behavior to the new Birdy's (JUST like Genevieve, chugging away and then popping off the nipple with milk pouring down her chin, all drama and vigor).

Anyway, no one writes about babies like Catherine Newman, so do yourself a favor and go read the archived column for yourself, especially if you're a new mom, soon to be a new mom, have ever been a new mom, or are married to a mom. Click here, people.


Heidi said...

Shannon, did you see Catherine Newman's article in the Oct. issue of "O"? By now, you might be able to find it online.

Shan said...

Haven't seen it! But I heard she was writing for "O" occasionally now--and she also writes a new weekly column at Wondertime online magazine. She's such an amazing writer.