Wednesday, October 11, 2006

If Baby Ain't Happy Ain't Nobody Happy

Well, I'm still waffling on the dairy-chocolate-caffeine thing. So far this week I've had one glass of milk on Monday morning, and one small scoop of ice cream last night. No ill effects on the baby's tummy, but with such small amounts spread out over two whole days, I wouldn't really expect it. Like I said the other day, mainly I'm enjoying our cry-less baby so much that I'm hesitant to do anything that might mess up a good thing. I mean, Genevieve is totally low-key these days. She fusses at times, yes, and she's a serious eater with a capital E--don't argue with her when she wants to nurse--but with no wails and screams, our household is pretty calm! And that is a beautiful thing with an 8-week-old in the house. Let me tell you, those nights of incessant screaming took their toll on everyone at the time. I haven't tried any chocolate or caffeine yet--and I'm sorta planning on trying to just stay off caffeine altogether (except in cases of dire emergency). But oh boy people, Halloween is coming. How sad would it be to be off chocolate on Halloween?!


In other news, snow flurries were seen in the air here this morning. You heard me. SNOW. However, lest any non-Minnesotan readers get the mistaken idea that Minnesota is merely a wild north hinterland where it is cold 11 months of the year, be aware that this is just a little bit crazy. It's supposed to be 60 again by Sunday.

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