Saturday, October 28, 2006

Turn, Turn, Turn

Yesterday was a tough day in our house. You know how when you have babies and young children, every single slice of behavior seems, at the time, as if it is going to be permanent? And how you totally forget that these wee ones, they change all the time, every day? And when they are night-nursing as if in an infant eating contest, or teething, or tantruming, or asking "Why?" every five seconds all day long, you get that oppressive feeling of doom, like it will never, ever end, and for the whole rest of your life you will be staggering from your bed every two hours to hike up your shirt, or wiping drool off a wet, rashy chin, or saying, "Just because, honey," while trying to keep yourself from tearing out your hair? It's so weird! One day you can be overcome--just completely undone--by how sweet-hearted your toddler is, how smart and perceptive and full of love--and the very next day you think your child is the champion whiner of the entire world, and that if you don't get a break from the annoying whining that seems to be an eternal soundtrack in your house you will most definitely lose your mind, and THAT could very well be permanent.

Well, but then there's this. Sometime yesterday, between the disastrous professional photography session (NOT the fabulous and fun photo session with our friend Alison last weekend, mind you; this was another photography session, and why we were there and how it went is a long story that I'll tell you about some other time) and the epic bathtime tantrum--or was it between the bathtime tantrum and the hours-long, can't-fall-asleep bedtime meltdown?--Julia came down for goodnight kisses and hugs and suddenly, unprompted, laid her cheek against Genevieve's face and said, "Sleep well, Genevieve Rose!" in a singsong-y, night-night voice, as sweet and genuine as can be. (Except she can't say her "r's", so it came out, "Genevieve Wose," which, you know, just makes it all the cuter.) Gave her baby sister a cuddle and wished her goodnight, all angel kisses and tender hugs.

Sigh. So yeah, I know: the whining and the constant nursing and the tantrums? They're all just as fleeting as the angel kisses and the imperfect "r's." Remind me again tomorrow.

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