Monday, October 30, 2006

What Did I Ever Do To You, Roofers?

I kid you not, the cacophonous re-roofing of our townhome unit began today--the day my 2-year-old is miserably sick with a cold--DURING NAPTIME, when both babies had just gone down, in their respective beds on the second floor (i.e., very near the roof). Yes, THAT'S the moment the roofers decided to begin dropping something very heavy and very loud (pallets of shingles? tools? I have no idea) on the roof, creating an enormously loud and terrifying boom over and over. Nice. Hoo boy, this week is going to test my soul.


Christopher said...

That hailstorm has never really ended. I hope Julia survives this (final?) phase of it.

Jim said...

I would start packing when they set up the big floodlights for the night shift!

Shan said...

No kidding!!!