Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas in July?

One of the best things about where we live is the view out our back windows. On our main level, the south wall is pretty much all glass, and behind our row of townhouses is nothing but farm fields dotted with woods. The sky is enormous here; you can see all the way to the horizon, and giant dramatic gray and purple clouds roll in like something out of a movie special-effects department. It's truly gorgeous. I'm mentioning this today because right now that's just what's happening, and it's too bad the memory card on our camera is full, because I wish I could have taken a shot about five minutes ago as the sky put on a late-fall show. It's been raining and thunderstorming here all day, and you know, there's something just a little odd about putting up the Christmas decorations during a thunderstorm, to the sound of carols playing on the stereo, which is what Julia and I did this morning after breakfast before Genevieve woke up. Oh, and it's 60 degrees here right now.

Yes, so far in the last month we've had 80-degree temps, a six-inch snowfall, and a thunderstorm. You're never bored by the weather in Minnesota.

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