Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Coverage

The good: For the 4th straight night last night, Genevieve woke up to nurse only once in the middle of the night. She went from 7:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. yesterday!

The bad: Genevieve is terrified of the loud banging the roofers are making as they repair our house. Yesterday she cried for an hour straight after the scary noise woke her from a nap.

The ugly: Julia began throwing up again yesterday at suppertime, after more than 24 hours of nothing. However, so far this morning she seems okay, though extremely weak and pale. She did devour a bowl of dry Cheerios and drink a bunch of fizzy water, so she obviously feels better today than she did last evening. Poor little honey!

Reminder: go and vote today! I, for one, am ready for a Congress that gives a damn about children, education, health coverage for the country's most vulnerable, tolerance and equal rights for all people--not just heterosexual, born-again Christian people--and empathy for non-rich, working families.


Christopher Tassava said...

Yay on #1 and the second half of #3; boo on #2; and "Yes, yes, yes" on #4.

Heidi said...

Well, I guess we really *are* a purple state, aren't we? A new Democratic Senator (and female, to boot!) but at the same time, the same ol' same ol' as far as the office of governor is concerned. I guess we take what we can get.

Shan said...

I know, but I'm so depressed about Pawlenty being re-elected. This state has gone to hell under his watch!