Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I've Even Got a DQ Coupon

So I'm obsessed with this new limited-time-only Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at Dairy Queen (of COURSE I am!). You may recall that during my have-at-it, bumblebee-metabolism periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding, I like me a Blizzard now and then. And this! People, it is pumpkin pie and ice cream IN ONE. How can you go wrong? But you may also recall that I am off dairy, for the sake of the wee one's colicky tummy. Curses! You guys, it may be time for a little dairy experimentation.

Speaking of the wee one, she's winning an award for Easiest Second Baby When Compared to The Hardest First Baby on the Planet. All of a sudden, about a week or so ago, she decided to start nursing only once overnight. I'm in favor. So OK, last night she did nurse every two hours again, but at 4 a.m. we realized we'd forgotten to give her the nighttime dose of Zantac that so effectively controls her acid reflux, so that wasn't her fault. Prior to that, she'd stuck with the one-nighttime-nursing schedule for something like 12 straight days, so I'm pretty confident it will continue if her distracted parents can remember to dole out her medicine. And, more than once lately, she's put herself to sleep on her own, in her bassinet, at naptime or bedtime, by simply thrashing around awhile, sucking on her fist, staring into space, contemplating her circumstances, and closing her eyes. Understand, this is without the aid of a breast, and without parental intervention in the form of forcing her to "cry it out." She just....went to sleep. Because she was tired. We feel like we're living in Baby Science Fiction Land, that's how foreign this kind of infant behavior is to us. But hey, we'll take it.

And for the final update, people, we got a new mattress. OK, so it wasn't the most convenient time for a major purchase, seeing the sorry state of our savings account. But after weeks of morning back and shoulder pain, a solid day in bed with the stomach flu last week clinched it: there was no way I could stand that sorry, 11-year-old, last-legs bed even one more minute. We took both girls to the only local mattress store on Sunday and tried out the only three sets within our meager budget. Happy ending: even a cheap new mattress is about ten million times more comfortable than our pathetic old one.

All for now. Tune in for some more serious posts sometime soon. I've got a few things I keep meaning to write about, but this mothering thing? It takes a lot of TIME.


Heidi said...

Actually, I think Dairy Queen might not be *real* dairy. So maybe you're safe! I've been dying to try those pumpkin-pie Blizzards! I also LOVE the commercial running on TV for them right now--the pregnant mom dreaming her *husband* is the one giving birth? That's classic!

Oh, and CONGRATS on the new mattress!! That *is* good news!

Shan said...

Hmmmm. I'm pretty sure Dairy Queen is dairy. I mean, hence the name? I know, the commercial is hilarious. It's taunting me, though. It's in heavy rotation on the only TV channel we get.

donna said...

Yeah, Dairy Queen is real dairy. They serve ice milk, so it's lower in fat than ice cream, but it's still got all the milk proteins in it (more than ice cream, per ounce, since there isn't as much fat). Sorry.

I didn't even know they had a pumpkin pie Blizzard... I'm addicted to these pumpkin drinks at a coffee house nearby. The good news is that it's seasonal and they've almost run out of their supply (and won't get more). The bad news is that they've replaced it with not one, but TWO flavors: egg nog and peppermint. Uh oh!

Glad to hear about the new mattress. Yes, it makes all the difference. Be sure you flip and rotate this one - it'll help it to last longer!

Hope everyone is back to 100%!!

Lastly (and most importantly), I am SO jealous that Genna is sleeping so much at night! My baby hasn't been sleeping so much lately, but we think it's related to my return to work.