Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Silly Me--What Was I Thinking?

It's been a hugely busy week for me. I've been going nonstop since we got back from our Thanksgiving trek, trying to get a million things done, both Christmasy and non, as fast as possible to free up some time next week (and beyond) for just enjoying the holiday season. This evening after dinner, I took a break and was sitting in the armchair in our living room, reading a magazine as Christopher took both girls up the stairs for bathtime. This is the conversation I heard between Christopher and Julia:

J: What Mama doing?
C: She's reading a book.
J: What kind of book?
C: Actually it's a magazine, one of her magazines that she likes.
J: [silence]
C: She's relaxing. It's called taking a moment for herself.
J: [a few moments of silence, then:] THAT'S pretty silly, Daddy!

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