Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Wishes

I'm writing this holiday message early, because we're leaving tomorrow morning for a long drive up north to my family's for Thanksgiving, and I'm going to be spending all day today getting ready and packing a ridiculous amount of stuff into our car for the trip. Wish us luck, because this is the first extended road trip we've taken since Genevieve was born, and it's five hours WITHOUT stops. Which means something like seven when you factor in breaks for nursing, diaper changes, boredom relief (the babies', not ours), and an opportunity to stretch legs and run around (Julia, that is). Yikes. I'm trying to brace myself with the zen-like philosophy that it will take as long as it takes, and we should just go with it and not stress about the clock or the mile-marker signs (I HATE that one, "Fargo, 250").

So, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I bet you know what I'm thankful for: two lovely girls that bring such joy to our house, health and happiness in our new town, family close enough to drive to spend the holiday with. I hope you're overrun with blessings this Thanksgiving, too.

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