Thursday, November 30, 2006

Trials and Tribulations

Genevieve's reflux is acting up anew. Poor baby, she spits up and coughs and thrashes after every meal, and she won't nap unless she's in her swing or her carseat (i.e., sitting up). Last night she was up a million times, and groaned and complained after being put back down after each nursing...just like in October, before her reflux was diagnosed. So, we're off to the doctor tomorrow to discuss treatment.

As for Julia, she's in love with our Christmas decorations. We didn't have any up last year, since we were moving over the holidays, and the year before she was too little (six months old) to be aware of anything. But this year she can fully appreciate the snowman sculpture with the Santa hat, the Santa snow globe that snows AND plays music, the miniature ceramic Christmas tree that plugs in and lights up. She's in heaven.

She's also currently heading down a very annoying road known as "Skipping My Nap Today," something she does approximately once every week or so. Even as I type, she's been in her bed for 40 minutes but has yet to fall asleep, and she just began the typical "Mama, I'm wakin' up!" refrain that she will now repeat ad infinitum (even though she hasn't actually been to sleep). Since I was up all night with Genevieve, I'm pretty tired today and was hoping for good naps from my girls. Silly me.

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