Thursday, November 09, 2006


Thanks for your good thoughts--we're winning the war against the stomach flu at last. Julia appears mostly recovered, although her appetite isn't quite back to normal yet. And though I continue to battle recurring body aches and fatigue--climbing the stairs today just about did me in--at least the more, um, disgusting flu symptoms have abated, and Christopher was able to go back to work today rather than stay home again to take care of the rest of us. So far Christopher hasn't caught it, but then again, he's only been sick once in the 13 years I've known him. As for Genevieve, she's healthy too; all those breast-milk antibodies must be doing their job. Still, we're laying low the next few days. We want to make sure the flu is on its way out of our house, especially since Julia's symptoms returned several times over the course of four days, each time just when we thought she was over it. Plus, after several days of doing nothing more strenuous than clicking the TV remote (Julia's watched more Sesame Street DVDs in the past three days than in her whole life so far) and wanly sipping fizzy water, we're feeling a little peaked. Here's hoping for a better week to come.

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Donna said...

Hooray for the benefits of breastmilk! Hoping you get well soon and Genna will get all her immunity from you!