Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can You Believe This Kid?

At dinner last night, as Julia was energetically polishing off her second or third bowl of black bean soup, she charmingly exclaimed, "This is fanTAStic!" It's nice to cook for such an enthusiastic audience, you know?

Later on, as I was taking a shower and getting changed and Christopher was in charge of the girls, I heard Julia having a meltdown. When I emerged awhile later and saw Julia in the hallway, she was still tearful and said to me, "Mama, I DO want another toy, I DO!" She led me to the guest room closet, where we store a bin of old baby toys she has outgrown but that Genevieve hasn't grown into yet. Apparently she had been asking to get a toy out, but when Christopher got the bin down, she kept stalling and messing around and changing her mind about which toy she wanted, delaying her bath. In stellar child fashion, she had decided to try her luck with me, since I didn't really know what had been going on. "What toy do you want out of the bin, honey?" I asked her, but she was still tearful and couldn't say. I asked her again, pulling down the bin, confused. "Honey, which toy do you want to look at?" With tears in her eyes and a plaintive voice, she said to me, "I just want a RANDOM toy, Mama!"

Good grief. Don't ask me where she learned the word "random," let alone how to use it correctly in a sentence.

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Heidi said...

That's AMAZING! Gabey's learning words by the *day* but I doubt he'll be using "random" anytime soon!