Sunday, December 03, 2006

Losing my Marbles, but Having Fun Doing It

I'm convinced that having a baby--or more than one baby--causes forgetfulness, absentmindedness, and all manner of mental fogginess. When you're pregnant, it's called "pregnancy brain," and I've actually read that there's some sort of hormonal mechanism at play that contributes to the ridiculous flightiness many pregnant women experience. After childbirth, though, I'm not sure if hormones are at work--all that milk-making, all that postpartum-ness--or if it's strictly due to being pulled in a trillion directions at once while also suffering from prolonged sleep deprivation.

At any rate, proof of this phenomenon is the fact that, in the past month, I have actually BOUNCED CHECKS (bounced checks! something I've never done in my life! good lord, the bank fees alone....) AND left a bag full of just-purchased Christmas gifts in the cart in the parking lot at Target while I drove all the way home with my other bags, oblivious. (I subsequently drove back a half hour later, to find said bag sitting just where I'd left it, in the dark parking lot, with nothing missing from inside it.) Oy vey. It's a wonder I don't lose one of my children.

OK, enough about my mental deficiencies. I also wanted to say that we have had a very fun weekend here, despite the bone-chilling cold. Yesterday we enjoyed the birthday dinner of a 2-year-old buddy of Julia's, where under one roof were the birthday girl, her 6-month-old baby sister, a 3-year-old friend and HER 6-month-old baby sister, 2-1/2 year-old Julia, and 3-month-old Genevieve. It was adorable: little girls everywhere! Wildflower-printed shirts, curly eyelashes, plump cheeks, and rosebud lips at every turn! Much joyful shrieking and unabashed drooling! We had a great time. And today, we decorated our Christmas tree. Julia hung all the Pooh ornaments on the lowest branches and oohed and aahed over every one.

Have a great week, all--and happy December.

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