Friday, December 15, 2006

Ups and Downs

Have you heard? My crazy, humming-furnace, postpartum-nursing-mom metabolism has vanished. Well, not vanished, really. But slowed to a more humdrum level, I guess. So sad.

That was one advantage of Genevieve refusing to nurse at anything but two-hour intervals for weeks on end: every time she stepped it up again and kept me awake at all hours of the night with my pajama shirt hiked neckward and my head lolling against the back of the rocker, the next morning I'd have dropped a pound. I kind of miss those days--for that reason only, understand.

Now, thanks to last week's too-cold temps and too-busy evenings--which nixed my outdoor running routine--and too much stress-induced mindless snacking (HATE the nonstop-sick-baby-fussing, HATE the not-sleeping, HATE the crying and the do-we-or-don't-we-sleep-train dilemma!), well....let's just say those last two or three pregnancy pounds that were so effectively burned away during my autumn weeks of nonstop milk production are making a return appearance. Uninvited, too.

See, the problem is, I got really used to stuffing my face 24 hours a day for a few months there, with no physical consequence. I got really used to being constantly ravenous, and being able to suck down just about any food--healthy or non--that I desired, in any amount, and still shrink past all my old jeans until only one pair wasn't too large for me. Now, I'm still eating like that, only my excessive milk production slowed WAY down when Genevieve turned three months old (gone, the days of accidentally spraying her face like an errant garden hose; gone, the gulping and choking and gasping as milk rolled down her chin. I'm sure she's relieved, but it was nice to have so much extra milk, if only for stockpiling in the freezer for future times away from baby), and with it, my body's ability to burn off everything I eat.

What a disappointment! You realize this means I actually have to start, oh, not eating my weight in food every day. And/or exercising on a more committed level. BOR-ING.

Hey! On the other hand, I have read that many breastfeeding women start burning the MOST fat when their babies are between three and six months old, because that's when their babies are drinking the largest quantity of milk (before the introduction of solids). So maybe this downturn is temporary and I can expect a pleasant reversal of my fortunes soon? I can always hope, can't I?

Pass the giant tin of Christmas cookies, please.


Donna said...

Have you ever watched the show "Meerkat Manor"? It's a documentary about a gang of meerkats. There was this one episode that Hubby taped for me because he said I could relate. The episode was called "No place like home" and here's the narration:

It’s late afternoon and the rest of the Whiskers are still out foraging. Flower’s pregnancy is probably the reason she evicted her daughter, Mozart. This will be her second litter of the year. With the impeding birth, she’s hungry and in an uncompromising mood. And Mozart isn’t going to be the only one to feel Flower’s wrath.

The pups from Flower’s first litter are more than two months old and are starting to sharpen their hunting skills. Mango has found a giant millipede. But for hungry Flower, her young pups are an easy target for an effort free meal. Poor Mango doesn’t have a chance of keeping her prized millipede.

With Flower in this kind of mood, no one’s safe.

Even dominant male Zaphod heeds her warning growls. He knows not to come between a pregnant female and her food.


Yes, the appetites of pregnant and nursing moms does not go unnoticed. I LOVE being able to eat whatever I want while breastfeeding!

Shan said...

I'm just sad that, since I believe this is my last baby, never again will I be in this state of gigantic appetite and free-rein eating! And if it's already ending now (meaning, the ability to eat huge amounts of food and still lose weight), then I'm VERY sad!