Friday, December 15, 2006

Welcome to the World, Baby Suvi!

The last baby of 2006 among our circle of family and friends has just been born, and she continued the streak, being the 11th baby girl to enter the world within our social and family circles. Eleven girls born this year! That is so amazing! Welcome, baby Suvi, and congrats, Rachel and Conor. I can hardly contain my excitement, as their first daughter, Mathea, was Julia's first friend and is two months younger than Julia. Now their second daughter is four months younger than Genevieve--to the day!--and is destined to be one of Genna's first friends too, even though we no longer live down the street from their family.

In an uncanny moment of intuition--or something--I had just called Rachel at home and left her a voicemail asking what was up, and how her prenatal doctor visit had gone this morning. Before I hung up, I said, "Who knows, maybe you're having the baby right now!" Not five minutes later--I'm serious--Conor called from the hospital to say that Suvi had been born less than an hour before. Unbelievable, right?

I'm hoping to get up to Minneapolis in the next week--before we begin the big trek north for a stay of ten days--to meet Suvi, congratulate Rachel and Conor in person, and bring presents, meals, and sweets. It'll drive me crazy if I have to wait until after New Year's to see this new wee one, so I'm going to try hard to find time next week, even if it's going to be a crazy week preparing for our holiday trip.

Isn't it a wonderful thing?

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