Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Why God?

Genevieve is suddenly constitutionally unable to take more than a 30-minute nap. And the 30-minute ones? Those are the long ones. More often it's 20 minutes, or 15, or 25. (Gone are those multi-hour snooze fests in the middle of the day. I knew I was lucky when they were happening, but I took them for granted.) It is bringing back every torturous memory of Julia's infancy that I have in my tired brain. Lord help me.


Donna said...

I'm in a similar situation. My daughter is the best catnapper in the world - and has been since she's been about 4 weeks old. She'll nap no longer than 45 minutes, and that's even when someone is holding her! Such a change from my son who is a stellar napper (and still is!)

Shan said...

Arrrrgh! I can't stand it! I was so happy at first when Genevieve seemed so much better with naps than Julia was. All I can do now is hope this is a passing phase. I feel better knowing you're coping with the same thing with Riemi.

Christopher said...

It's a phase, just like virtually everything. Just think: she's only four months old, and this little bad habit is just a few weeks old (I mean, in the grand scheme of things), so she's likely to transition out of it any day now.

And if that doesn't work, well, Nonna can be here bed for several days at the end of the month.