Monday, January 15, 2007

Five Months Already

Genevieve Rose is five months old today! In many ways, it's hard to believe--wasn't it just August?--but, on the other hand, if you go by appearances alone, she looks at least five months. She's been wearing six-month-size clothes for awhile now, after all. She's a champion eater, and thus, a champion grow-er. (Good job, Genevieve!)

So, what's she up to these days? Well, mainly, looking extremely cute, smiling a lot (ideally, while sticking out her tongue), and honing her cuddling skills. She's also busy "talking," cooing and giggling and making all sorts of charming noises to herself and us. In other words, she's sublime.

Other than that, she's still teething (no actual pearly whites yet, though), and madly sucking on everything within reach. She has yet to attempt rolling over, sitting up by herself, or sleeping through the night. However, she does pretty well sitting propped in a Boppy, and she no longer spits up a gallon of half-digested milk every time you put her in tummy time. She's still on her reflux medicine, and she seems to be doing well with it. She hasn't had a colicky scream-attack in months, and that's even with the return of my chocolate and ice cream habits (New Year's resolutions? I don't know what you're talking about).

Her latest endeavor has been trying out the Jumpster. Our modern house has a distinct lack of door-frame moldings, so we have to hang the Jumpster in the doorway to the under-the-stairs storage closet. So far, Genevieve hasn't figured out how to actually jump, but she's happy to hang out in her new contraption, idly turning around in half-circles and gazing at us gamely.

I'm working really hard on the sleeping at night thing. Every day, I give Genevieve a little talking to. I tell her, "Listen, you're a giant, OLD baby now. There's no need for this every-three-hour eating thing any longer. Haven't you heard about all the other babies?" But she seems wholly unperturbed by the baby peer pressure I try to employ. She just gives me a slobbery grin and smacks her lips a little.

The big question is, will she make it to six months before the introduction of rice cereal? Judging from the look in her eyes when her daddy holds her on his lap while we eat dinner and she finds herself mere inches from, say, a black bean burrito or a plate of homemade pizza, I'm going to go ahead and predict NO.

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