Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Modern Toddler

This morning at breakfast Julia asked me, "What's 'the internet'?"

Good grief! She's two years old! What's she doing asking about the internet?! (Apparently someone on NPR was talking about it, and she heard the word.) I told her it was something grown-ups use to do work on the computer.

You know, I think this kid is going to run mental circles around all of us for her entire life. I'd better get ready.


Christopher Tassava said...

Oh, man. Incredible. Possible alternative answers:

1. The sum of all knowledge.
2. The best book you've ever read.
3. Daddy's other wife.
4. Where you'll spend most of your adulthood.

Grandpa Jim said...

I heard that kids in grade school are using the internet. I'll teach her how to access learning programs, and she and I will set up a college savings portfolio for her when I visit there.