Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Morning in Wonderland

I have so many things I want to write about, and time keeps getting away from me. But I'll try...

Right now we are having a good morning. After a strangely interrupted night, both girls slept late: Genevieve until 8:30 and Julia until 9:00! Right now Genevieve is napping and Julia is playing a game I have decided I really, really like: she is lying in her bed, under her quilt, propped on her pillow, reading books to herself. While I sit nearby on the floor writing on the laptop. She is calling this game, "Reading Books in Bed While Sleeping On The Train." This is because we were just looking at a Richard Scarry book wherein the pig family takes an overnight trip on a train and sleep in bunks in the sleeper car. Very fascinating. Don't ask me where the reading in bed comes in. But I'm all in favor of this kind of game.

We had a fun weekend, even though our dear friend Trish, newly moved back to MN from Philly (after 11 years! we missed you soooo much, Trish!), was only able to spend Sunday with us rather than coming on Saturday and staying over for a couple of nights as originally planned. We still had a great time with her and Julia was unusually non-shy. We had lunch at home, coffee/tea/snacks out at a coffee shop in the afternoon (after Julia refused to nap), and after dinner (and ice cream--boy was Julia was excited for that!), Tricia even offered to help me take down our Christmas decorations. Now that's a houseguest!

Speaking of ice cream, the breaking news around here is that, after three+ months off dairy for the sake of Genevieve's colic, I tried a bowl of ice cream the other night with no ill effects. Hallelujah, people! You can't imagine my excitement. Since then I've had another, and still no ill effects. I think maybe Genna has outgrown her dairy sensitivity. I've also had good luck with small amounts of chocolate over the past several weeks. Thank God; I was hitting my limit for how long I could stand to avoid these treats.

As for New Year's resolutions, luckily, I personally believe that resolutions can validly be started at any point within the month of January. Thus, if you resolve to eat less junk food but find yourself eating ice cream and chocolate on January 7, you have not broken your resolution, you just have three more weeks to start it (again).

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Christopher Tassava said...

J's new interest in reading in bed (though her name for it is much better!) derives from learning, in a conversation I had with her the other day, that Mama loves (well, loved) to sit in bed and read. She was fascinated to learn this, as it dramatically expanded the venues in which one could read.