Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The blogosphere is abuzz right now with posts about New Year's resolutions, have you noticed? Everyone's talking about them, so I figured I'd chime in a little bit. I already wrote about my biggest and most important resolution, back in December. That one still stands; it's crucial to my sanity and the well-being of my girls. But, more boringly, I'm also working on the following goals: 1.) eat more healthfully, i.e. eat more fruits and veggies, drink more water during the day, lay off the junk food--which is really hard given the fact that I remain extraordinarily hungry pretty much all the time as I continue to nurse this giant baby night and day; 2.) be more committed to my exercise routine (I do pretty well, but I'd like to get back to the toned state I was in last summer; yes, it's true: I was in better shape at eight months pregnant than I am today); and 3.) floss my teeth EVERY day, not just when the mood strikes me, despite the fact that I am blessed with good teeth and have gotten used to never worrying about cavities or gum disease.

There. Aren't they just about the most mundane New Year's resolutions you've ever heard? How about this last one? I resolve to kiss my babies a million times a day, squeeze their little-girl chub, gaze into their big blue eyes and notice the amazing color and the curly lashes on a daily basis, and nibble on as many ears and toes as possible. I figure since I already do all of those things to excess, that is a resolution I cannot break.

Before I go, an observation:

Decaf coffee spiked with Millstone's "Foglifter" (fully-caffeinated) coffee is much better than plain decaf coffee. It does indeed lift the fog.

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